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            Always October

              With lips that promise June

                                                           A contrary omission

A mediated lie

                                                                                   A forgotten truth

                             Somewhere in between

Poetic and peaceful

                                               Brash and broken

                                                                               The mean balance

                     Always tipping

Waxing and waning

                                               A living tide

                    Licking the shore

                                                                   Breathing into each other

We bleed into each other

                                                                                             Melting together

                                                                                                                    Like sex and death


About Chronically Kaarina

My life is not a tragedy.

One response to “Dual

  1. LilMissJoan ⋅

    powerful sentiment over memories.
    now in history they are etched for in your poetry they become hidden stories…:D

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